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“In Paris: Five Poems”
by Kate Dawson
// published in 2016
// sale price $0.85
// poetry
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by Kate Dawson // a Pen & Anvil chapbook
Kate Dawson

Kate Dawson is an amateur musician and professional crayonologist.

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“Constantly conscious of my womb / and womanhood // and stale breath...”

// from "If I Keep Pushing Forward"

Here are the contents of this scrapbook of feeling and sense: “If I Keep Pushing Forward”; “June”; “July”; “Sullen Light”; and “Sister Christian.” These are poems written by a woman who dreams of becoming the next Robert Osborne or of being appointed U.S. ambassador to France. Interested parties can connect with her by email.

About this chapbook series:

These bite-sized booklets are a mouthful of literature each, intended to be read in a single sitting. When you’re done with one, pass it along! Look for them lying around in Boston, Portland, or New York City. When you see one waiting to be read, go ahead and pick it up. Give it a home in your hands for a ten-minute lit snack. Then when you’re finished, leave it behind for the next person to find, in an ATM lobby, on a train station bench, in the coffeeshop, at the pub.

To request a single copy of any chapbook in the series, or a set of copies in bulk quantity so you can pepper them around your neighborhood, just contact the Pen & Anvil Press and we can put a plan together to mail some over to you. You can reach us via the good folks at the Boston Poetry Union, PO Box 15274 Boston MA 02215. If you don’t have a stamp, feel free to send us an email.