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“Tiles Kissing Close”
by Nora Delaney
// published in 2010
// sale price $4.85
// poetry
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by Nora Delaney// a Pen & Anvil chapbook
Nora Delaney

Nora Delaney is a founding member of the Boston Poetry Union. Her poems, essays, and translations have appeared in Little Star, Fulcrum, Literary Imagination, Jacket, Absinthe, The Critical Flame, and other venues.

“You totem yourself, rosettes of kohl / blessing your coat. / And slow, / your sea-eyes turn to stone”

// from the poem “ocelot”

The contents of this chapbook grew out of Delaney’s correspondence with another Pen & Anvil author:

For the past six months, my friend Melissa Green has sent me a single word each day—‘whorls,’ ‘tesserae,’ ‘hessian.’ These poems came from Melissa’s daily words.

Rather than being bound in booklet form, the individual poems gathered here are printed onto separate leaves of cardstock. This allows the ‘tiles’ to be removed from their chapbook sheaf, and pinned to the wall, perhaps above a desk well-placed in a nook where one might sit to read, and think, and dream.

Ordering information

To request one or more copies of this title, please contact the Pen & Anvil Press so that we can make arrangements for payment and delivery. You can reach us via the good folks at the Boston Poetry Union, PO Box 15274 Boston MA 02215. If you don’t have a stamp, feel free to send us an email.