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“Twenty Sh*thole Limericks for Donald Trump”

Twenty Limericks
// published in Jan 2018
// sale price $1.85
// poetry
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multiple authors / edited by Zachary Bos // a Pen & Anvil chapbook
Zachary Bos

Editor Zachary Bos studied poetry in the graduate creative writing program at Boston University. He directs the publishing activities of the Boston Poetry Union.

// He can be be found on Twitter as @zakbos.

“The devil cannot endure to be mocked.”

// Sir Thomas More, Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation, 1553

At a meeting with legislators and staff on January 11, 2018, President Trump revealed once again his lack of respect for persons coming to the United States from nations other than those of white Europe, saying: “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” (According to unnamed sources quoted by Josh Dawsey writing in The Washington Post.)

What to say about this? That the man is a bigly bigot is unsurprising; perhaps it is a little more surprising that even after a year of serving in office, he has failed to learn anything of self-discipline or self-awareness, such as would permit a cannier politician to conceal his prejudice. He is a man without qualities.

The limericks collected here are a small part of the response that needs to be mustered against ignorance and bias of the sort Donald Trump epitomizes.

Contributors include Chad Parenteau, Sarah Smith, Henry King, Gillian Claus, Charlie Snyder, Jonathan Goldberg, Paul D. Blumer, Arnold Johnston, Kristin Brookhouse, Nicole DePolo, Frederic Norton, and Derek Haddad.

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To request one or more copies of this title, please contact the Pen & Anvil Press so that we can make arrangements for payment and delivery. You can reach us via the good folks at the Boston Poetry Union, PO Box 15274 Boston MA 02215. If you don’t have a stamp, feel free to send us an email.