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“Yo lucho por Venezuela,
y tu?”
// published in May 2017
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// media anthology
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compiled by Cat Dossett // a Pen & Anvil chapbook for Action for Press Freedom
Cat Dossett

Cat Dossett is a student of art history, an editor with Burn literary magazine, and a founding member of Action for Press Freedom.

// She can be be found on Instagram as @aboutadaughter.

“The federal government doesn’t want to acknowledge there is a humanitarian crisis.”

// Cristina Aguilera, Venezuelan activist and consultant based in Boston

Crisis has engulfed the nation of Venezuela. We should all be more aware of what's happening there, and more concerned about it, and more committed to helping the people of Venezuela.

The editor's purpose in assembling these extracts from news and social media is to transmit these photos and facts beyond the virtual space of hashtags, and into the real world where people are ready to spread awareness and take action.

Ordering information

To request one or more copies of this title, please contact the Pen & Anvil Press so that we can make arrangements for delivery. (Thanks to the support of the group Action for Press Freedom, there is no cost for printing or postage.)

You can reach us via the good folks at the Boston Poetry Union, PO Box 15274 Boston MA 02215. If you don’t have a stamp, feel free to send us an email.