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Saint Medusa by Peter Caputo
Preview works from the collection:
Palimpsest and Exile
Saint Medusa // by Peter Caputo // 978-0991622221
// December 2014
// hardcover
// fiction
Peter Caputo

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"A work of angelic wickedness comprising the surreal playfulness of Borges, the raging ironies of Blake, and the often lyrical tenderness of Brahms; the combination is positively redemptive."

- Marilyn Jurich, author of Scheherazade’s Sisters

In these meticulously shaped short fictions and meditations, Peter Caputo has released his writer’s imagination on elemental themes and modern emblems both. The resultant variety among the twenty-six pieces collected here—anxiety and insight, the esoteric and the sensual, the human and the celestial—is knit into a whole by the strange energy they share, an atavistic vigor, the same which emanates from the primal source even in the mundane spaces of our daily lives.

The stories of Saint Medusa, like the fiction of Borges, embrace the "character of unreality in all literature." Shelve this keepsake collection among the fables of Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky, Rikki Ducornet, Jean Ferry, Marcel Schwob, Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud. And take it down again, take it in hand, return to its uncanny pages, whenever you feel a reader’s yearning for the poignant and the marvelous.

About the author:

Peter J. Caputo (1950 – 2013) was Professor of English at Suffolk University in Boston for thirty-one years. His areas of expertise included 19th century English literature, history of the novel, classical mythology, and post-Jungian (archetypal) psychology. He was a finalist for the prestigious Peter Taylor Prize and semifinalist in the William Faulkner Competition for his unpublished novel, The Taletellers. At the time of his passing he was at work on a second novel.

Reader and critical response to Caputo's work:

M. A. Schorr, author of Heart’s Ladder: "A good writer does not die; Peter Caputo sends us remnants of stories that remind us of our own humanity."

George Kalogeris, author of Dialogos: "The classical, Mediterranean elegance of these stories is not simply decorative, or in thrall to its gift of enchantment. It is the semantic discipline and big-hearted range of expression that complex language requires, a lucid plane of regard that is, like all serious works of art, at the same time higher and lower."

Da Zheng, author of Chiang Yee: The Silent Traveller from the East: "These are genuine literary gems, rich with intertextual references and the intense musical concision of poetry. This book delivers an aesthetic pleasure that puts one in mind of Rilke, Kafka, Poe, Hawthorne, and Borges."

Zachary Bos, publisher, New England Review of Books: "Caputo’s mastery of his form bids us give him an old-fashioned name: teller of tales. Each of these fabulist shorts is a poignant feat of literary voice and profound vulnerability."

Matthew Kelsey, Managing Editor, Poetry Northwest: "The prose herein demands that we meet it with the most athletic and humane fibers of our intellect. Caputo shows an enviable mastery of syntax, respecting but testing the rules of the craft with such relentless vivacity that his writing becomes a true and spectacular body of work, replete with reliable pulse, a lucid vision uncompromised by the imagination that governs it—one that tantalizes us, haunts and enchants.