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The Garden of Love by David Green
From the collection:
Sometime of the Night
The Garden of Love and Other Stories // by David Green // 978-0982162514
June 2010
price: $14.95
paper binding
David Green

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"Green is an informed, intelligent, refined writer. In these stories lucidity wins out, where all along there is the pleasure of exploring complexity. Expect the unexpected."

- Keith Botsford, editor, News from the Republic of Letters

Written in flowing, descriptive prose, The Garden of Love comprises a variety of styles, settings, and narrative techniques. Each story presents not just a different subject, but a different way of seeing the world. From the realism of the opening stories, the collection moves through narratives of Ovidian transformation and Borgesian inversion to conclude with tenuous voices of elusive identity.

Along the way, we encounter a man who dreams for others, a book that mirrors its reader, and a widow who takes her husband’s soul on a journey to the end of the world. Readers who enjoy the imaginative departures of writers as different as Raymond Carver and Italo Calvino will find much to like in these stories.

Critical acclaim for David Green:

Michael Coffey: "The intensely imagined dreamscapes are fresh and beautifully written."

Christopher Ohge, in The Arts Fuse: "The patient reader will find pleasure in these superb romantic meditations on a world filled with things, decay, and memories. "

Gene Shaw, in Library Journal: "In the tradition of Nabokov's Pale Fire, Green has written a book entwining fiction and commentary. Green sees language as an endless Mobius strip, and he would like to record all the words spoken in a lifetime the way Borges wrote of tracing footsteps of a lifetime."