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Lovers of poetry and of language will delight in Singularly Beautiful excerpts from Akeldama, with a commentary by the Editor and an introduction from the author, poet Melissa Green.

Free fiction for online readers: Part 1 of a new story by David Green, "Sometime of the Night". With other short fiction from Jason Zimba ("The Gulf Between Love and Hate is No Greater Than 6") and Floyd J. Miller ("At the Airport in Kalai").

From the trade Press, an excerpt from The Lost Books of the Odyssey by Zachary Mason (which collection has bene reissued by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in 2010).


[ Two Memories of Lowell ]

Journalist and editor Keith Botsford opens his personal journal to recount his time spent forty years ago as a companion to Robert Lowell during a tour through South America. // Poet and teacher M. A. Schorr, now director of the Frost Foundation, recalls a chance encounter with Lowell when the two walked together through a blizzard in Cambridge.

Literary Despatches from Near & Far...

Also in this issue, original Poetry from Marjorie Hogan; Jon Wooding; Samantha Mineo Myers; Lindsey Gould; Síol Bhodhú (translated from Irish by Daniel E. Pritchard); Akehiro Shirai (translated from Japanse by Jay Otsuka); and Jorge Luis Borges (translated from Spanish by George Kalogeris).


The ink drawing above, by Essie Martsinkovsky, is one of a series based upon architectural details found on buildings in downtown Boston.

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