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Issue Number 7, Spring-Summer 2017

Feature Photo

furniture in the street, Budapest, 2006
photo by Milan Kovacs

Anonymous Raincoats:
on the Later Poetry of Seamus Heaney
and Tomaž Šalamun in Translation

an essay by David Blair

Late in November
a story by Conor Robin Madigan

Detroit, Circa 20teens
by Paul D. Blumer;
a subterranean turnstile of disco and dearth—
in medias res renaissance of rehashed ruin and romance.

Literary Despatches:

A Romantic Melancholy Trio, translated by Michael Ferber:


Original illustrations by Ágnes Győrfi, Arghavan Khosravi, Edward McGowan and Lawrence Mascia

Photography by Milan Kovacs and Lauren O'Donnell

A stand-alone chapbook insert comprising three new poems by Jack Hanson


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