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Since by James Stotts
October 2016
price: $13.95
paper binding
From the collection:
* * * (untitled)
a sonnet after sixteen weeks
a rough method for reckoning the days
a rough method for reckoning the days
from Since // by James Stotts

this morning in the yard, a bluejay
tuesday, robin

starlings, pigeons, crows
diminutive finch harmlessly hopping the electric highwires

the first wild onion flowered
that the dogs watered

polio and daisy cry, yen to fly
dig out a tulip bulb

a red flywheel cut in fours by rain
sunk in brack and shards of glass

chard against the wall
apple petals, lime, and littered ash

beyond the tracks, the arboretum
lilac of latenight headaches, hay

gunshot song, commuter hum
and my sunday contribution—scotch and jay



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