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Since by James Stotts
October 2016
price: $13.95
paper binding
From the collection:
* * * (untitled)
a sonnet after sixteen weeks
a rough method for reckoning the days
a sonnet after sixteen weeks
from Since // by James Stotts

a wet day on a bus from new york back home to boston
i feel like some old god broadcasting the rain

my mother told me i would graduate someday
seed from stone, limb from seed

i would twist my thumb into the earth
and a mountain would spring up at my knees

maria—already showing—in the next seat’s
peeling a thin-skinned tangerine—

as big as this!—the eyes are still wide set
the ears climbed up the neck
(like monkeys up a tree)

and when she’s finished what she’s saying
holds out a sticky sweet-smelling handful of seeds
like some old god confiding the rain






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